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Here it is yet another Monday. Practically came and gone. Coming to an end and pondering why it is that most people dread their Monday routine schedules. In recent years, the American 9-5 seems to crush the souls of nearly %80 of the country. Meaning people all over the nation get up every Monday morning with the same expectation for themselves as last week. These same people have the same complaints as last Monday and the Monday prior to that. They spend most of their Sunday nights thinking about the usual Monday “get back into it” routine leading to slight spikes in anxiety. I think most of us can agree that to many people Mondays are a drag. “Ugh, tomorrow’s Monday, can it be over already?,… I don’t want to go to work but I have to,….. another monday.” We hear it all the time. The negative connotation behind Mondays is something people are dealing with on a normal scale weekly. I don’t know about  y’all  but, I DONT want to be one of these people.  The kind of person that seems to never be satisfied with practically anything. Constant complaints, miserable attitudes, pessimistic personalities, and at times just a straight out bitch or asshole.  Energy draining types. Yeah, you know them people…. We all do, we are surrounded by them, BUT we don’t have to be LIKE them. I, for one, want to change (or help change) this redundant perception of Monday’s. Here on out, I am starting a Motivation Monday BGPG Campaign. For many reasons, but primarily for self coaching,  self investment, and most importantly share the love with/inspire others. Hopefully someone will read a quote I post or will see a video I post and it will spark something within themselves. Through books and research I’ve come across a vast number of success stories of people who have became quite successful in their respective areas. And quite frankly, it’s motivated me in ways that I previously wasn’t tuned into. And because of this and many other realities. I feel the need to dedicate my Mondays to motivation in many different forms. From music to creative writing, this will be my day of the week that I post, write, push motivation, and share the experience with my online followers. Ill also be posting new music I have come across and would like to help spread the word about the artists I post. Which by the way, thank y’all for reading up till this point, I truly appreciate y’all.

Any how, back to it. Before I started this journey to my dreams, I didn’t really think I was like the previously described person, but in retrospect, I was one of those people. I hated going to work after the weekend came to an end. It’s not that I didn’t want to physically work, it was the environment I was constantly being exposed to that made me dread going back to work. The labor portion of the job I had no problem but some of the people made it the norm to gossip and spread the roomers.  I was always in a pissy mood and prompt with the intent to answer people’s questions before letting them finish their first statements. I felt like everyone else had it easier then I did and was also quick to put someone in “check.” I felt like I was somehow cursed and bad things seemed to always be right around the corner waiting for me just to make a mockery of my situation. For lack of a better phase, my attitude back then was flat out fuck you and everyone you came with and their family members too. Lol.  I was young, had a fast mouth, and confidence that wouldn’t lose (That last trait is something I am glad I never lost, lol.)  During that time in my life, I didn’t think anything much of this behavior because I thought it was one of those phases that people tell you that you go through as a teenager and thought I’d eventually outgrow. But it wasn’t a phase and I didn’t outgrow it. Over time, this behavior escalated and I realized that I didn’t want to have those feeling anymore. With that realization, I began to look within myself and become more driven to become the women I always knew I could be. I later came to the conclusion that the problem was that I was giving my time to the wrong things in life. At the time, I was working at a dead end job that was filled with energy stealing types and didn’t make time for myself to just be me. I felt like I couldn’t be alone and needed to be accompanied places. And had a pretty large load on my shoulders due to illness with both of my parents. All that changed the day I promised myself that I was gonna change my situation, was gonna elevate myself to a better level, and have a different way of thinking about things in general. As soon as I did this, things started to change in my life and I began to flourish. That may be an understatement, because the way I am and think now is different then before. And I truly believe that if I just stay focused, take things one day or step at a time, remain persistent, driven, and humble, my dreams will become a reality. I WILL NOT STOP reaching towards my goals and once a goal has been completed, Ill start a new one and proceed to the next level.

The whole reason I’m doing motivation Mondays is the idea that I don’t want to have to work for someone else for the rest of my life. And I’m pretty sure most people have ideas similar to this idea but there are also people out the in the world aren’t just thinking about it but they are actually living life of their dreams. So I know it can be done. Currently I don’t have any children but if one day I am blessed with little creatures of mine, I would want to have the type of career where I could dictate my time accordingly. Hell, if I wanted to bring my kid to work on the drop of a dime, I feel like I should have the right to do so. If there’s a show or a impromptu getaway trip I wanna take with my family, I feel like I should be able to make those kinds of calls as I see fit. And I don’t see any other way to be able to live that kind of life style other then by having won the lotto or having your own business. Seeing as how the odds of winning the lotto are slim, I gotta grind my ass off and build my empire from the ground up. I have no problem with working toward my goal of owning my own business and am honestly happy to be able to do it. I don’t want to be that nagging co-worker who hates her job and can never coincide with company guidelines. The person who gets upset that the company didn’t approve time off because they used all of their sick and vacation hour. Not to mention, leaving the job early and constant call ins. I don’t want to be the person saying ideas but never acting on them. I don’t want my ideas and dreams to go to the grave with me. And I intend to do everything within myself to get these visions onto paper, get the paper to the web, and spread my message to the world. And maybe start what psychologist call a mirror effect. Which is basically subconsciously imitating another person’s gesture, way of speech, or action. Pretty much a rippling effect. If I can just plant a positive idea in someone’s brain to result into a positive action or idea, I’ve done my job and this motivation Monday would be a success.

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Open Thoughts from a different Scope

Sunday afternoons around this time of year are ideal, I say. Sun is shining, people are vibing, and it seems as though we have fast-forwarded through 2017. Can not believe it’s mid August and much of my time has been taken up by the pursuit of a path that I have, in many ways, feel like I’m destine for. Sounds crazy, right?  Feeling connected to an idea that embodies, fuels, and encourages you. No, it’s not crazy.  Feeling like you belong, no intimidation, no threats, no competition. Just simply, knowing what your purpose is. It euphoria at it’s best. Which is incredible, (knowing your purpose), because about half of the global population hasn’t a clue what they are passionate about, much less know what they were meant to do with their time on this planet. Can’t stress how good it feels to realize what you were put on this earth to do.

That moment for me was forever changed my relationship with myself. Come to think about it, it’s been right smack in front of my fxxxxing face my entire LIFETIME! Music. It’s my key, my therapy, an outlet and it has been for years and never did I ever really think that it would eventually be my pursuit in life. Genuinely, as I  came to the notation that I wanted to surround myself with everything involving music, my inner self began to blossom. All the life altering questions that had been consuming my conscious for so many years finally became clear. Before I came to that epiphany. I struggled to remain focused on practically anything. I was stuck on the hedonic treadmill of Life that many of us unknowingly are trapped on, Hedonic treadmill…. umm what? Lol. It’s cycle we fall into: get something new, object/thing holds  your undivided attention, after sometime of having the object, it eventually becomes part of everyday life, and so… you get something new, and start the whole process all over again. Thus constantly having to “upgrade” constantly to be happy.

When I truly understood this vicious cycle, it opened my eyes up to the reality and gifts that I was blessed with and hold. It’s at that moment, I knew what I should have been pursuing all my past years and am currently dedicated to pursuing now. Moral of all and loop hole to end the cycle?: Appreciate what you have and are gifted with. A valuble lesson I took and have acted on since then and live by. And I can testify that I have reaped the benefits that go in hand with a positive mentality. Take care of your things. Whether it be a relationships, shoes, cars, clothes, house, toys (…lol,) friendships, business relationships. Invest quality time with these things and see how your perception of things broadens and anxiety goes does down. It’s a win win. 


Greetings 915 musicians, music lovers, and music enthusiasts

Hello guys and gals! My name is Antoinette McRae and have decided to devote this blog to local artists and musicians in the El Paso area to bring light to these individuals. I myself am in the process of coming up on the scene and thought it would be nice to have place where I could talk about local musicians and their music and what their plans are for the future.

Soooooo I hope you enjoy what I write and please if you have any comments, concerns, or any question, please feel free to email me, leave a comment or suggestion, or don’t. What works. Lol.

A little bit about myself, I have been playing instruments since I was young. Born and raise in El Paso, I graduated from Irvin High, although I did attend Andress High for a year. I really would like to help other people who are in the industry shine a little more. I would like to change the El Paso theme of “There’s nothing to do in El Paso.” WRONG! We DO have lots of things to do around here the problem, however, is that the advertising for things here are kind of out dated and I would like to spread the word about our local artists and even the artist that are from out of town. However you see it, we need more people talking about the things and the amazing talent we have here and this is part of my way of sharing the word. So again, please feel free to follow me or comment or what ever .you’d like. Hope to hear from you. #onevision #justvibe